VEPro6 Decoupled - how to shrink Cubase file size?

If I create a project with VEPro and have it Coupled I expect to get large Cubase file sizes and sluggish performance. Typically 200MB plus. But I want to save my VEPro setup (as it may not always be quite the same) with my MASTER Cubase project for a particular job.

So I thought that if I decoupled the VEPro whilst inside the project having loaded the large file - and then resaved the project with an altered filename that the file would be much smaller, but it isn’t - what happens is it stays at the size it was with the latest VEPro session attached.
In other words I hoped Cubase would purge the data it didn’t need anymore having been decoupled from VEpro. But it clearly doesn’t do that.

Is there a way to tell Cubase to purge the data it’s no longer hooked up to? I mean I can see that in a sense the decoupling is being done from the Vienna end so I wouldn’t expect VEPro to be able to do anything, so it must be down to Cubase.

I’m using racks rather than instrument tracks for this.

Or does anyone on here use a different method to achieve the same result?
ie: Save your master and final Cubase project with ALL your VEPro data for archive purposes - but whilst work is in progress keep uncoupled to keep the save time and filesize down.

I’m not sure that there is much difference coupled from decoupled in terms of what is kept in the project. It still has references to all the instances and channels and such. About the only thing I can think is preset name, but that would be trivial from a file size standpoint. I could be wrong on that though. Although I do archive finished projects, I don’t really worry about file sizes so have never worried about it.