Ver 2.0.13 Track region display bug

Actually this bug seems to be there on the earlier versions too.
If there is an edit or cut on an audio track, someway along the way the waveform on the track disappears. Attaching example images of 2 songs.

(And in earlier versions the alignment of the cut changes if you try to extend or reduce an audio region, and when that happens some vague and random part of the song would play.) Haven’t noticed this now.

As you can see in the images, towards the end the audio region is blanked out. But you can hear audio during playback. It happens on tracks where there is an audio edit or cut in the region.

… do you think it’s possible that I can have access to the project? Use the “Menu / File / Save Archive…” function to save the project to an empty folder. Then send me a PM, please.

Thank you,

Hey, thanks for the reply. Sending you via DM in a bit.

Did you manage to download the session?

… yes, thank you. We can reproduce it and have started to fix it,


… it’s fixed. Please try with the next Pre-Release and let us know if all clips and visual drawing is correct now.

Thank you for your project,

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Yes. in 2.0.14 it seems to be fixed. Thanks for the great work.