Firstly thanks for the amazing update…the time stretch function is great and working perfectly
A few issues I’m having…

A number of inter audio apps keep crashing causing total freeze and all apps crash
The on screen keyboard doesnt play properly when keys are pressed the sound cuts out often making it unusable
When pressing undo the info box flashes up too fast making it impossible to read what’s being undone

Do you have a beta program I can join?

Hi Tony,

Glad you like the new version and sorry to hear some things are not working properly.

Can you name a few apps and maybe let us know how to reproduce the issues?


I mainly use impc pro…this works but after about 20 mins of use it will disconnect and freeze everything…also I found if I hit record in cubasis to record a part or sequence from impc the recorded wave in cubasis misses out the first beat
The bs 16 I soundfont player from Bismark is unusable at the moment just crashes everything
Also the m3000 free from omenie just crashes straight away and is unuseable