Ver 7 doesn't always open 6.5.30 projects.

I posted this on the feed AND SOME ONE TOOK IT DOWN. Who’s gonna fes up?
I get a message sayin 7 can’t open this project or something like that.
THEN it will open another 6.5.30 without problems. Same hard drive same computer. What’s up with this someone Pls.

Rekax, No-one took your post down.
Been working with N7 for almost a year now, and we haven’t had any older project that refused to open.
At the rate of a couple of dozen projects a week …

You’ll have to troubleshoot yourself to find the issue.
You still have N6.5 on your system, so open them and try to find out what the problem could be.
Import tracks throuh the new project collaboration feature.
Remove plugins, etc, etc …


Thanks Fredo. I’ll reply in a moment.

I’ve found this issue once or twice already - in my experience it’s not a N7 issue but a PLUGIN issue. For example, I was having problems opening sessions with Trigger 32 Bit (Slate Digital) until I installed Slate Trigger 64 bit. Then they opened fine. I guess N7 has refined taste…haha

I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m tired and ver 7 can wait. I can only take so much… By the way where is the new Eucon adapter on the Steinberg website can’t find it.

64 bit win 8.1

Eucon adapter is included in N7.


Thanks. I’ll look!

Fredo can you explain this project collaboration feature? Seems intriguing

File/import/audio tracks from project
select .npr file