verb n delay devs

Guys, for real…

Why is there not an “attack” knob on every delay and reverb?

Why would there be?

for audio reasons…

Yeah, duh, audio.

As far as I can see there’s no need for an attack setting on a reverb. Why would you want that? What goal are you trying to achieve?

so u want me to explain huh?
here are a few examples:

say you have a busy event a bar long… you want to add tape delay but u want the delay (of the full bar) to start at the end of the event… instead of recording bouncing etc, just increase the attack of the delay so it starts close to the end
same thing for reverb - instead of sending recording bouncing automating yadda yadda, just have an attack knob…
the reverb contains the whole events reverb, but it gradually fades in (usually to sorta smooth abruptly cut off audio etc)
or or or…
What am I trying to achieve? save time, easier handling of audio in certain situations and to defeat chronos of course…

edit: ok, I see that it would start to get complicated if it also needs an audio level threshold knob that triggers the attack if a certain db of input signal is reached… - still, would be have been nice if it would “sense” audio events… maybe if daws also send realtime “event start and stop” infos to the plugins someday)
lol :stuck_out_tongue: (maybe in another dream…:wink:)

Isn’t what you’re looking for just delaying the delay? Starting it later? Adjusting the delay length? If you set it to 1 bar, doesn’t the repeat begin 1 bar later?

That sounds less than a delay and more like an actually different attack. Reverbs typically have a setting for predelay and the amount of early reflections. But if you want to actually ramp up the reverb the way you describe it above you’re really changing the reverb sound which isn’t how they’re designed to work normally. I suppose you could achieve your goal by side-chaining a gate with a slow attack on the reverb FX channel.

(actually, on second thought, I doubt that works)

Use either effect as a send and automate the input signal level to the FX channel? That’s how “throw echo” is done.

too many knobs already :laughing: