Verdict on switch to CB 11 from 10.5?

I’ve been dragging my feet on the current upgrade offer for CB 11 Pro, still wondering about the number of issues that users have encountered. So a basic question for those who made the switch from 10.5: Would you answer…
a) Glad I made the leap. 11 is awesome! or
b) Wish I’d stayed with 10.5. Not worth the headaches. ?

Win 10 64bit platform btw. Actually currently running Artist.

Quick! Almost out of time on the offer! :smile: :smile:

The best thing to do, in my opinion, would be to install the trial version and decide for yourself. Everyone’s needs are different. Only you can truly decide …

Try Cubase now for 30 days | Steinberg

That’s WAY too sensible Scab. :wink: No doubt, I should have taken a break and done that but I’m kind of out of time in terms of the current offer. I guess I still can, but it would be one QUICK trial.

Appreciate the thought!

A). Worked like a charm. YMMV.

If I was in your position I would probably purchase the discounted license upgrade now, then wait for 11.5 to be released to activate it. It takes patience, but you would then get a “free” update to .5 through the grace period policy (assuming Steinberg doesn’t change it’s current practices regarding the grace period). One way or another, I think there are enough features in Pro compared to Artist to justify the upgrade cost. In other words … just do it! :wink:

Good thought Scab. I was down to deciding to buy the upgrade but not activate it until I’d test driven the trial, but you make a really good point on .5, given that it can’t be all that far off.

Thanks! Stay safe.