Verification / ELicenser problem

Thank you in anticipation of your help. I am a fairly new Cubase user, and recently upgraded from Cubase Elements 12 to Cubase Artist 13. I then noticed that Activation Manager indicated “Verification Pending”. I followed repair instructions, with no solution. I then looked to Steinberg on-line, and followed their instructions, which included updating my elicenser, which I have done. My elicenser indicates that I have “no record of any active licenses”, with Steinberg web instructing me to update my elicenser, which I did, with the elicenser subsequently being identified as out of date, and to update - I have since completed this update umpteen times, and end up no further ahead. Note - both Cubase version installs were downloaded directly from Steinberg on-line - therein, I have never owned a physical dongle.

I wrote to Steinberg, raised a “ticket”, and included a Diagnostics File - I received an acknowledgement to my email, but since this, nothing, and I await further support.

My Cubase version now indicates - “grace period expired”, with the software now not working - I again emailed Steinberg, sent a Diagnostics File, but again, continue to await their support.

I am now angry and disappointed, having paid a significant sum, for the software to cease operating, with online support that is dysfunctional and inaccurate, and with absent customer support from Steinberg.

Appreciate any advice on how I should proceed - thanks.

Did you get this email on November 21?

Yes, email received, and Steinberg Download Assistant was upgraded to V1.35 - thanks

Note uploaded pictures of elicenser information, and also, Steinberg Activation Manager.

Check exactly what you bought. As the update is looking on eLicenser for verification, I suspect you bought an upgrade from Cubase 11 or earlier, not an upgrade from Cubase 12.

If you bought the wrong upgrade, you should work with the outlet you bought from to get this straightened out.

Bought directly from Steinberg on-line

Check the confirmation e-mail you received. You probably bought from Fastspring via the Steinberg website and you need to deal with Fastspring if you bought the wrong upgrade.

I am fairly sure you have mistakenly bought an upgrade from Cubase 11 or earlier, as a Cubase 12 to 13 upgrade does not go anywhere near eLicenser and does not have a verification stage - it exchanges your Cubase 12 licence for a Cubase 13 licence in Steinberg Licensing.

Hi, many thanks for your help.
I have tried to update from Cubase Elements 12, to Cubase Artist 13. Both were purchased and installed directly from the Steinberg website - with Cubase Artist 13 working fine for weeks, until the Activation Manager flagged a “verification Pending”, and subsequent “Expired” notification. All reparative instructions provided by Steinberg have failed, including a message to update the elicenser, which I have done, several times.
With your advice, I have written to Fastspring via the Steinberg website to as their assistance.
All in, a ridiculous, and frustrating experience, worsened today with me trying to telephone Steinberg Support, to be informed that the quoted telephone number was not recognised!
I now await “Fastsprings” reply - as stated, thanks for you input

I am glad you contacted Fastspring for help.

You could clarify the situation by checking your Fastspring order confirmation. What does it say you bought? Does it say “Cubase Artist 13 Upgrade from Cubase Elements 12” or “Cubase Artist 13 Upgrade from Cubase Elements 6 - 11”? While both products are the same price, they are separate products using different activation routes.

The upgrade from Cubase Elements 12 would exchange a Cubase Elements 12 licence from your Steinberg Licensing licences for a Cubase Artist 13 licence, which is what you wanted.

The upgrade from Cubase Elements 6-11 would activate a time-limited Cubase Artist 13 licence, then go through an eLicenser process to upgrade a Cubase Elements eLicenser licence to a non-upgradable Cubase Elements 11 licence, which, once completed, will turn the time-limited Cubase Artist 13 licence into a permanent licence.

I think you wanted the first product - an upgrade from Cubase Elements 12. I think you bought the second product - an upgrade from Cubase Elements 6-11, for which you do not have the correct qualifying licence.

Hopefully Fastspring can arrange for you to get the correct Download Activation Code for the upgrade product that you need.

Thanks again,
Steinberg Support

Hello Graham Walker,

Thank you for your purchase. Below is your product delivery information.

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Your Order

Cubase Artist 13 Upgrade from Cubase Elements 6 - 11

Follow these steps to download, install and activate

  • Download and install Steinberg Download Assistant for Windows or Mac if it is not already installed
  • Launch Steinberg Download Assistant and sign in with your exiting Steinberg ID or create one
  • Click on ‘Enter your Download Access Code’ and enter the Download Access Code(s) shown below
  • Select the software under My Product Downloads to get a list of download options on the right
  • Click the Download or Install/Install all button to continue

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Order Reference: STE231102-3476-15448

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You have received this email after an order made through FastSpring – an authorized reseller.

I would edit out the codes from that post.

As I thought, you bought the upgrade from Elements 6-11, not the upgrade from Elements 12 that you needed. Fastspring should be able to sort this out for you. You need an Elements 12 to Artist 13 Download Activation Code.

I think you are correct - notably, my email above states:
### Cubase Artist 13 Upgrade from Cubase Elements 6 - 11 (not 12!!)

What a complete faff - ridiculously complicated and not the most user friendly system
Hopefully, Fastspring will help - cheers

done - again, thanks for your help

Indeed not. So many of the challenges of the current situation are caused by the legacy eLicenser system, which will gradually fade away and eventually be discontinued.

Updates and upgrades in the Steinberg Licensing world are much more straightforward - the old licence is exchanged for the new one. I hope the Steinberg website will eventually be upgraded to access the user’s account and display the available updates and upgrades for their products in the online store. We are not there yet, unfortunately.