Verification for the upgrade

… takes two working days.

Seriously, couldn’t this have been done beforehand? Pre-order the item and clear such issues so that users can actually get the item on the day it’s released.


It does say “within two business days” so I’m hoping it may be quicker. Still, 4 years in the waiting… 2 more days isn’t going to hurt too much. I’m sure it’s going to be worth the wait! Ordered pretty much as soon as the site was updated, 0857 CET.

…and my eligibility was just approved!

Already got my verification sent to Steinberg as well. Still waiting for approval.

Of course, two days won’t hurt but it’s the principle of the thing that irritates me. The lack of trust. Personally, I’ve been a Steinberg customer since the Atari days, upgrading regularly - software, hardware - the lot. Counts for nothing, obviously.

I’ve cross-graded other software several times before and I can’t remember being made to wait. On the off chance that someone is trying it on by buying a cross-grade when they should have bought the full version 1) they’re still going to have to fork out a serious amount of money to get the program and b) if their supplied proof of eligibility is subsequently found to be insufficient, the license can be revoked in a heartbeat via e-licenser.

Could, and should, have been done differently. Trusting and respecting your customers -which I would say has been a hallmark of Daniel’s as long as I can remember - pays dividends.

Humble pie time. Turns out it’s not two days. More like an hour. Jokers. Onwards and upwards…

My eligibility approval took 15 minutes. My Crossgrade license all paid for and currently downloading installers etc (9 GB download) ready for installation :smiley:

My eligibility approval took only 3 minutes! They have nothing to do!

4 minutes! I live in The Netherlands, so even the continental approvals are FAST!
Now downloading…

Our team are on hot standby in Hamburg today to make sure that people receive their software as quickly as possible. It has been impossible to predict the level of demand that there would be on day 1, so we (I think sensibly) try to set out the worst-case scenario for how long verification might take. In general if you purchase in German business hours you should get a response the same day, or at worst, the next day.

Someone on Facebook is claiming confirmation of his eligibility for a crossgrade took only 12 seconds!

Hello, and congratulations on the launch of this amazing new product. Verification was quick and downloading now…oops download failed - you must be super busy. Will have to try later.

43 minutes in my case. That’s fine, especially since I’m at work and forgot to bring a thumb drive, so I won’t be able to download and use the software until later today anyway.

Well, I’ve just got mine. It took all of five minutes.

Mine (education rebate, not crossgrade) was also approved within seconds. Awesome.

How do I find my Sibelius Registration page to take a screen shot? Apologies if this has already been covered.

I copied the email they sent me when I purchased the latest upgrade. I think your ID number is at the bottom of the About Sibelius screen - might that work ?

(4 hrs later and exactly halfway through the download)

If you’re running Sibelius 8, then you can take a screenshot of your Avid Application Manager, in the Licenses tab.

If you’re running Sibelius 7, then going to File > Info in the Ribbon will show your license information, or you can run Avid LIcense Control and click the License Info tab, and take a screenshot of that.

Alternatively, you can go to and log in to the My Products area, and take a screenshot of that.

If you’re running SIbelius 6 or earlier, your serial number is shown in the About Sibelius window.

Otherwise, we will also accept proof of purchase, e.g. an email receipt of your original copy of Sibelius or a Sibelius upgrade.

It’s a similar situation for Finale, by the way: the serial number is shown in the About Finale window, and you can also log in to and take a screenshot of the software you have registered there, provided your serial number is shown.

If I want to crossgrade from Sibelius, Is it enough to have the serial number, or a photo of the dvd with the serial number on the label? (Or do I have to install Sibelius again…?)

If you have a good photo of your DVD with the original serial number label (not anything handwritten, as our staff can’t guess whether or not something you’ve handwritten is real and not a fake designed to cheat your way into the crossgrade price), then that should be absolutely fine.

Goodness - I’ve already been mentioned, before I’d signed up to this forum…

It was me that claimed 12 seconds for eligability (yes, I misspelled eligibility this morning) on Facebook. It was 12 seconds between the “Verification Request Pending” email and the “Verification Request Successful” emails, in my case.

Nice to see people are eager to get on board. I look forward to many fruitful debates on these forums.