Verification missing !?!?!?!

I have just installed all cubase and plugin’s on my new second desctop computer.
Now Cubase tells me that something is missing…
Can you please help me getting thru this mess!?!?!?!
It seams to me that the license should be payed for thru Absolute VST 6… It is all VERY confusing :frowning:

Mogens Lenz


I don’t see the Absolute VST licence at your screenshots.

Here it is…

And here


This is Absolute 3 license, not Absolute 6.

Sure, but you see in my last hardcopy, it says Groove Agent 5 Update from Groove Agent 4/3/2… So shouldent I have the license?


Groove Agent 5 is not Absolute Collection. Groove Agent is part of the Absolute, but not the other way around.

OK, I though

t my license for Groove Agent 5 came as part of my absolute package.
Never the less I have a licence as you can see at Steinbergs webSite… Question is how to get the product verified… How do I do that?