Verification Pending Expired - Steinberg Activation Manager

I upgraded from 3.5 and had it in the Soft eLicencer on my MAC.
I upgraded to 4 but when trying to start the software - in the activation manager it says ‘verification pending’ and a yellow button to go to the shop ??

When I start eLicencer I see now that there are NO licences on there - the Soft eLicencer has disappeared.
I’m not sure what to do. . . .

You don’t ever need e-licenser again, since you’ve upgraded to Dorico 4. Sometimes the Steinberg Activation Manager seems a little bit stuck but e-licenser is nowhere near to be a culprit.
Have you updated the SAM to 1.2? You can do so by opening the Steinberg Download Manager.

I would certainly advise you to upgrade to SAM 1.2.0 if you haven’t already. However, if SAM still says your licence is “Verification pending” even after doing that, it means that SAM has not been able to check your old v3.5 licence in the eLicenser. If so, what Marc says isn’t quite true - SAM does need to check your eLicenser in order to complete the upgrade, though you won’t need to do it again after that.

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I upgraded to SAM 12. Now I get Verification Pending Expired. The More Info button does not bring me to somewhere to resolve the issue.

Martin, I’ve had a look at your account, and it looks like whichever eLicenser you had Dorico 3.5 installed on before wasn’t registered to your Steinberg ID. Can you send me (either by private message or by email to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de) your proof of ownership of Dorico 3.5, e.g. your original sales receipt or your original activation code? I’ll be able to help you.