Verification Pending Halion 7

Have the dongle. Installed Halion 7 upgrade from Halion 6 and tried everything to activate. Nothing working. Re-installed e-licenser, re-registered and Halion isn’t showing. Once again I waste a good hour trying to install an upgrade from Steinberg. I give up, seriously shouldn’t be this hard.

Halion 7 is not using the eLicenser anymore, you need to activate it in the Activation Manager now.

None of the pieces in Halion 7, or in Absolute 6 are bound to the old eLicensing system.

OK thanks - I see that but I still have ‘Verification Pending’ in the activation manager - why is it still pending please?

I can’t tell you why it is pending, but there is a support page about this state

Thanks again - have tried everything on that page including signing out/in of activation manager and still showing ‘verification pending’. Appreciate your help I’ll raise a support ticket and go and paint the front of the house while I wait for a reply.

For the upgrade verification process to succeed, your original Halion 6 license must be present on this computer.

Please connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to your current computer. If the eLicenser Control Center shows that your Halion 6 has been upgraded to Halion 7, click the Maintenance button to the top right. If it doesn’t, run the Steinberg Download Assistant and enter the download access code again.

Make sure that the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center is installed. The latest version is

Thanks for your reply. I have sussed out the problem. Halion 6 does not appear on my eLicenser - because I crossgraded to Absolute 5 in August last year from Halion 6. I should have bought the Absolute 6 upgrade not the Halion 7 upgrade. Doh! Too confusing for this old brain - apologies to anyone offended by my smart-assed comments! (Gets his coat and leaves quietly by the back door)…

I had Halion 6, and upgraded to Halion 7, but my Halion 6 was a part of Absolute 3. My license also says “Pending”. Is my license going to end after 30 days?

If you have Absolute, it’s not possible to upgrade Halion by itself. You have to upgrade your Absolute license to Absolute 6.

Please contact Steinberg Shop Support for a refund:


I also have problems to install H7. I`ve upgraded from A5 to A6, elicencer is OK, Activation Manager is OK. Automatic installation said OK, but it is not installed. Trying manual with the installer and during the process the installer closed… Also opened a ticket, I do some gardening in the meanwhile. I think I can rebuild my garden until I get an answer…

Thanks - I was waiting for a Steinberg Support answer but have taken this advice and requested a refund so i can buy the correct upgrade. Ironicly the Absolute Upgrade promotional email hit my inbox this morning - a day too late for me but hopefully others won’t make the same mistake. Thanks.

I just tried to call support. No answer. I sent an email. Waiting for a response.

Now it works. In my case the Library Manager has been the problem. I reinstall and it works.

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