Verification pending


I just bought Dorico 4, and the activation process is not working for me yet. I followed all the steps on the Steinberg dedicated page, but still no good. The St. Act. Man. says “verification pending”.

Any idea?



I can mention I skimmed the similar topics on the forum but didn’t find a help…

Where is your Dorico 3.5 (or earlier) license located? On a USB-eLicenser or on a Soft-eLicenser? Is that existing license present on the computer where you are installing your Dorico 4 update?

If you’re still having problems, please open a ticket with our support team and they will advise further.

It’s a 3.5 edu license, located on a USB-eLicenser. It was present at the time of installation. Not at the present moment. I opened a ticket but I think it didn’t work, I get this page when I try to open it…

I can plug the USB-elincenser back though, if that helps

You don’t in general need to keep the USB-eLicenser plugged in, of course. But do plug it in again and try entering the Download Access Code into Steinberg Download Assistant once more. You will be prompted to confirm which license should be updated, and the Dorico 3.5 license on your USB-eLicenser should appear as an upgradeable license.

Thanks for helping. I get this screen, then this one…

You do indeed need to raise a ticket with our support team, then. Please go to, sign in with your Steinberg ID, then click Support on the left-hand side.

Ok, thank you.

I’m also waiting for a solution from the support people. My eLcenser is full, and there is no way to edit anything on it. So, there is no way to change the license to a non-upgradable one. VSL was so kind to find an alternative temporary solution for their licenses, while awaiting for their new protection system.

The eLicenser is a total evil we were imposed when not imagining how bad it was, and is so malignant to continue causing problems even when abandoned. I expect it will forever appear to torment us while we are asleep!


The support doesn’t answer… Almost two weeks, starting to get worried here.

Thing is I’m writing for a show and I can’t really have the trouble of having Dorico suddenly not working anymore…

Any update on the issue?

@rabaeus, if you could let me know your ticket number, I can ask my colleagues in support for an update on your case.

@Paolo_T I have been in touch with Anja about your case, too, and we have agreed a way forward, so you will hear from her soon.


Daniel (and Anja), thank you very much for taking care of my case!

EDIT: Anja contacted me, and solved my licensing issue. Thank you again!