Verification Pending

I’m finally building a new machine - M2 Studio Sonoma 14
Using the Download Asst. I’ve installed Cubase 13 and all the other Steinberg products I own…now 15 out of 23 items in the Activation Manager say Verification Pending…expiring on 2024-1018! Why some things say Activated and others don’t I have no clue. There is not difference between clicking “All Products” and “Activated” and when I click “Not Activated” the window is empty.

In the eLicenser CC there is no difference between what show in " My Licenses" and _USB-eLicenser". In the Soft-eLicenser (SeL) window there is nothing. Some Items say Steinberg, SeL and some say only Steinberg (meaningful?)

Groove Agent 5 (for instance) say Ver. Pending…but it runs in CB13…no clue what’s going to happen on Jan 18 and haven’t found a fix on the web
…CB13 runs normally but doesn’t appear in the eLicenser.
At this point I don’t know what else to ask…it’s a mess…info hard to get. offices closed!

Thanks for any help,