Verification still pending for Cubase 12

My grace period is about to expire on cubase 12. I have no emails with the access code, including the junk folder. In “My Steinberg” I am asked also for the access code. How do I get an access code now?

Grace periods do not expire. Are you talking about a trial?

When I open Cubase 12 it says
“the update or varification process has not been completed” and the licence will expire in 4 days.

This means you have bought an update or upgrade product and have not completed the verification step for the licence you are updating or upgrading.

Try the process in this help centre article:

If you still cannot complete the eLicenser step, check that the eLicenser licence you are upgrading matches the upgrade you bought. If the upgrade you bought was from Cubase 11 Elements, then you must be upgrading from Cubase 11 Elements, not Cubase 10 Elements or Cubase 11 Artist.

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Thanks for the response. Yes this is an upgrade from 11 to 12. I bought the upgrade a year ago and have only made the new installation now. My old workstation crashed and I no longer have any email with the access code. Can you resend my access code? I can go no further without it.

I can’t, because I am not Steinberg Support.

However, you can reactivate your Cubase 11 licence yourself, so that you can then complete the verification step - see this help centre article:

If you cannot reactivate yourself then you will need to open a case with Steinberg Support.

Thank you for the reply. I think you misunderstand my problem. My Cubase 11 is still active using the USB dongle. That’s how I keep working. I am now trying to activate Cubase 12, and I don’t have the access code. How do I get the code sent to me?

I would start by looking in your email to see if it is in your purchase confirmation.

If you bought the update from the Steinberg shop, you should find the old invoices there too. They also contain the activation code. I still have access to all the invoices for my purchases made in the past.

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