Verse Number question

I am working on a short arrangement of a song which has 5 verses. The music for verses 1 & 2 have repeat measures, verses 3-5 have different music but repeat also.
The verse numbers for the first 2 verses say 1. & 2. but the next 3 verses say 1. - 3. and not 3. - 5.

I can’t find a way to change this. What am I missing?

Did you make sure that the lyrics themselves are in the right verses? If you double-click one of the lyrics in verse 3 that is numbered 1, is the lyric in line 1 or line 3?

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Aha - I figured it out. When inputting the lyrics for verse 3 I should have input then as line 3 and I must have input them as line 1 again! Duh!

I figured it out as you were replying Daniel - Thanks :slight_smile: