Verse numbering in repeat sections

In songs, especially in church songs, often some bars are repeated with different lyrics. I these cases Dorico numbers the second line as a new verse. What can I do? Writing without repetition is not a good solution…

select the first lyric of that section and un-tick the “shows verse number” property

(Edit: Dan’s solution is probably better; just depends on the situation.)

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If you want a verse 2 below the repeat line, you can set the repeat as “translation” lyrics, which will include them in the first verse.

And if you use Dan’s suggestion, you can change the “lyrics translation” font back to regular/roman rather than italic.

Hi Dan, hi Romanos401, thanks for your help. Unfortunately I don’t get it to work. It is right that the second line is not numbered when I assign it as translation. But my second verse still is numbered as verse 3 as for Dorico it is the 3d line. What am I doing wrong?

If you can’t get it to work, you’ll need to put in verse number manually. I do this all the time. Use 1, period, Alt-Shift-Space for a non-breaking space, and your first lyric all at the same spot.

You must be doing something wrong. If you input a lyric as verse 1, and then a second line as the translation (also “verse 1”) then the next line down when you press the down arrow is verse 2, not 3. But as Dan says, you can turn off verse numbering and fake it, when necessary. This is also how you accomplish things like, “2. 4.”

Hi Romanos. Sorry, took me a while, but I got it now. I still have a problem. The second line now is in italic, but in the properties below the score the italic button is unchecked. How do I get the font to be normal?

If that line is using “translation lyric,” you need to edit that font style in Engrave Mode–Engrave Menu–Font Styles–Lyric Translation Font.

Thanks Dankreider. I got it now. But I still wish that the Dorico team will find a more elegant way to solve this problem.

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Dorico Pro v (Nov 13 2022)

Sussex Carol (early English traditional carol) from Carols For Choirs Book 1 page 96
It’s that time of year again…making a screen recording for the choir I’m a member of.


  • Verse 1 is sung by Sopranos & Altos, verse 2 is sung by Tenors & Bass. Same melody (but -8ve for T & B) and organ accomp to the repeat.

  • (And, to make matters worse, S&A swap with T&B half way through both verses)

  • Any idea how I might achieve this (playback using choir sample lib) ???

If no solution, I’ll have to bin the repeat and write it all out longhand so to speak, but not a very elegant solution.

Have been thinking - I can fake it by doing multiple screen recordings with different mixer settings, then use Resolve to make it look like it was just one take. A bit of a faff, but probably less torment than trying to coax Dorico to jump through hoops.

I think it would be easier to just write out the repeats with the vocals in the appropriate clef/register (and save as separate file). With copy/paste it wouldn’t take but a few minutes. You could use the original version in Resolve for the video, then add the second version (or just the audio from it) as the audio track. Easy-peasy (well, maybe a little faff…). :wink:

Thanks, sounds like a good idea. Resolve has some pretty good audio with Fairlight, so like you say, it hopefully won’t be too much of a faff. (as soon as I get a spare half hour!)