Verse numbers colliding with left barline

I know I can adjust it manually in Engrave mode, but is there a setting to avoid verse numbers from colliding with the left barline?


By default lyrics will be centered to the note. Select the first words of the line (eg glowed), open properties panel and set lyric text alignment to left.

I appreciate that, Craig_F. I am wondering, however, if there is a way to keep the lyrics as they are while preventing the verse numbers from hitting the left barline.

Showing us just one measure doesn’t indicate whether the line is overfilled or not, which could cause your problem.

This is not an uncommon problem, even if the system is not overfilled. Similarly they often collide with the descender on the treble clef.

I requested a while back the option to automagically align verse numbers vertically on the page (between staves, so a whole page, such a s a hymn, would be aligned after the first system), which I hope would help avoid this.

As it is now, left-aligning long lyrics is the way to go. Alternatively, if you try and shift the word by nudging it in engrave mode, it will cause that column to snap and allow more space. That may or may not help in this instance.

Thank you, Dorico cousins. Hopefully there’ll be some attention paid to verse number collision avoidance in future versions.

In this case, I’d ditch the verse numbers entirely. There are only 3 verses and the lyrics are so widely spaced that they don’t seem to serve any purpose.

Another thing is to nudge the note rather than the lyric to the right in Engrave mode.

In many instances this would be mitigated if there was a time sig there, pushing the notes to the right.

Yes. I might include numbers at the start of the piece, but not on successive lines.