Verses and voices


In a small song, I’d like to have two verses follow voice 1 when there is only one voice within the bar, and verse 1 follows voice 1, verse 2 follows voice 2 when the 2 voices are used, etc. When I try doing that, the result is quite erratic, with the lyrics sometimes affected to the note of the other voice (therefore at the wrong place) or skipping a note altogether. Is there an easy way to associate voice and verse (with all verses reversing to the single voice when separation lyrics fall onto the same notes) ?


If I understand you correctly, all you have to do is select the note in the voice you want before you add the verse text. Then the text will be centred on the note you choose. Once you’ve chosen the correct voice and added your first lyric, pressing the space bar will bring you to the next (word) note in that voice. Does this work for you?

A good way to make sure you select the note in the right voice when you have this kind of unison is to click on its stem rather than on the notehead.