Version 1.6 error messages!

Was wondering if this outstanding problem/anomaly with Tools for MR 1.60 was still on the radar:

Dear Derek, if I remember right, there is a dirty fix on this one, just install the 2 msi (Steinberg MR Editor.msi and Steinberg MR Extension.msi) by hand.
I hope this will cure the problem.

The QA on Steinberg firewire driver development team is as it is and they will probably never be able to write better code, simply cause this is how they know to do. PHP developers writing drivers, well, maybe this is not the best marriage one can dream of :stuck_out_tongue:
Until Steinberg will hire a better team, well… we are all doomed to live with :smiley:


Hi and thanks for this.

The 1.6 package actually has setup.exe x3 rather than .msi x2. The “dirty” fix may be for an older version.

I also tried installing the 3 setup.exe manually and there was no change … the temp stuff is still at the temp path.

Well, I was not clear enough. The reason why I was not clear enough, is that, because I write here about dirty solutions for the Steinberg problems they can’t solve, Mr Chris Beuermann, the forum administrator, started to write obscene words to me and gave me a warning, I presume he will ban me from the forum.
So, I can’t tell you that you will not find those msi files inside the official zip and you should “steal” them from the archive and I can’t also tell you that I have those msi files, but only for 32 bit version.

I am sure that, if you will write a PM message to Mr Chris he will definitely send you the needed files.

Best regards,