Version 11.2.0 (build 13) Audio Montage/AutoSplitClip bad behaviour


Using settings for one ~35min. clip with human speech inside.

Active clip/Split at Silences/Exclude Silence parts/Remove Silent Parts [True Silence]/As Clip Name

It does the spit but the whole clip gets messed up, out of sync, some of the new (numbered) clips overlap and have fades at the end of clip.

Dialog won’t close after process as usual after pressing [Finish], [Cancel] is the only way out from dialog window.

Seems to be code related.

AutoSplitClip setting file on GD>
Dialog Startpoint.dat

Thank you for you attention.

I have used your preset with a 30 min files and saw no problem (WaveLab Pro 11.2).
Can you reproduce the problem? If yes, please send me the audio file.

Did some more tests with ver. 9.5 and 11.2 starting from blank and identical new montage and to my surprise the problem disappeared.

So I did open that problematic *.mon file and was able to reproduce on the very same mono track with whatever similar content audio file (with same settings). *.mon itself was from ver. 9.5 and opened from 11.2 .

Went further and found out that the problem occurs only in 11.2 (both with 9.5 *.mon and new 11.2 *. mon file) when the clip is moved away from the 00:00:00.000 (zero point) of the montage window, in other words if the clip starts from 00:00:00.000 then it’s not possible to reproduce the problem.

When the clip becomes messed up (the amount of time from the beginning of the montage) then the Auto Split Clip dialog window stays open (like it’s not finished), the only way to exit is to press [Cancel]

It’s a very different behavior compared to ver. 9.5 AutoSplitClip.

Link with sample files included here or you can simply move your clip away from 0 start point and give it a try.

First (wl9.5_vs_wl11.2_asc_11.2_1) is the mon without any AutoSpliClip and the 2nd (wl9.5_vs_wl11.2_asc_11.2_2) is the one after process on track 1, audio file included.

File wl9.5_vs_wl11.2_asc_9.5 is for testing in ver. 9.5.

and the settings file is still here

I hope it’s easy to fix.