Version 13 plays back speeds

love Cubase 13, but looks like i’m going to have to ditch it unfortunately.
It keeps playing back at different speeds…only out mainly by a tone or semitone but enough to completely ruin a recording session. happening too many times. This was never an issue with Version 12.

Obviously, it’s a sample rate mismatch, Andy.

yes I know, but it never happened with V12, now i’m having to check and adjust all the time… really annoying if i forget and am working with virtual instruments- and only realise when i record ‘real’ instruments…. this should not be an issue but unfortunately it is…:every time i boot up it changes…

Nonetheless, this is not a bug or a thing that needs to be fixed. You have to set things up correctly in your template or whatever you use for new projects.

it’s never been an issue before? reinstalled 12 all ok, open 13 speed/tempo out, have to reboot all hardware. Even if i load up another project without closing V13 it loads with the timing out… in 12 this does not happen.

Which sample rate do you use in your projects?

44.4 / 16bit

Does that ever switch to something else but 44.1kHz? You can easily see it if you keep the Status Line visible in the Project View.

Also check the Pool for any project that all audio assets are on 44.1kHz.

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yes, it occasionally changes to 48k , and sometimes 24bit also, though the hardware doesn’t change… just Cubase.

Are you loading different projects when it changes or does it change for the SAME project being loaded or during a session?

That setting is I believe saved with the project, so it should not change for the SAME project from whatever you saved it with unless you change it (which is my experience in C13).

If it is only changing with project changes then I would suggest at some point the different projects where saved with different settings for some reason - perhaps something updated and a default was changed for a new project and you picked up on it later. Probably not worth discovering cause at this stage, what you want is stability. In which case, when loading a project check the status line, sigh in annoyance when it is wrong, fix it and the audio pool, save it and re-load as a double check that it is indeed working as designed.

At this stage it doesn’t sound like bug in Cubase 13 to me.

What soundcard/driver do you use? Make sure no other soft or system sound is trying to play at another rate. Upon new intallation, Cubase may have selected the first driver available by default. As mentioned, I doub’t it’s C13 bug, more a setting problem.

hade that problem on c12 to, its like steve say look and fix all audio and check the settings on stuff.