Version 3.1.10 documentation published (EN)

Good evening all,

I’ve just published an update to the English Dorico 3 manuals, which brings them all up to 3.1.10. I’m very aware that this is still quite behind the times, and am doing everything I can behind the scenes to close up the gap between updates and documentation releases further.

The good news is that all the new information in this update has already been with our translators for a while, and the final chunk is going out to them imminently, so published language versions will be available in the very near future.

You can refer to the New features section (Pro/Elements/SE) at the start of the manual to help you find the most recent additions and changes. Additionally here are a couple of changes to the docs generally not in that list that might be of use to know:

  • Dorico concepts - this chapter at the start of the manual is designed to be an introduction to the key concepts in Dorico that stand out as being a bit different to other software. Although some of the titles are similar to topics elsewhere in the manual (like “Flows in Dorico” vs just “Flows” in Setup mode), they are independent. In this update, I added some more related links to elsewhere in the manual where that felt useful, and added a new topic “Notes and rests in Dorico” (Pro/Elements/SE) to help explain how Dorico thinks of notes, why a tie chain is one note, and give examples of some of the situations where what you input might change on the page.
  • Page format changes (Pro only, previously “Master page overrides”) - I’ve overhauled this topic and renamed it, so that the title covers all the different types of overrides there are, leaving “master page override” to mean specifically an override on a single page that results in a red triangle marking. Hopefully the reorganisation makes the different types of overrides clearer.
  • Audio/MIDI export - I’ve added a prerequisite at the top of these topics to confirm which layout is used when exporting audio (Pro/Elements/SE) and MIDI (Pro/Elements/SE).
  • General - screenshots of dialogs and panels should all now be updated for v3.x. A few remaining screenshots that show the old blue colour for note spacing handles etc in Engrave mode remain on my to-do list, as do a few left in the ‘First steps’ chapter - this will be radically changed in the near future.

Additionally, although you can’t see it in the text, I’ve been adding extra keywords to the metadata throughout the manual as-and-when it’s felt appropriate, after reading posts here and in the Facebook group. So thanks to you all for your posts, asking questions, and sharing information with me about what/how you searched, as it’s all helping the manual be more relevant and searchable.

(Finally, the number of women composers whose works are used in screenshots throughout the manual is now 57. You can probably safely assume that most screenshots in the newest chapters include such real-world examples :wink: )

Nice one Lillie.

Lillie, is this currently available only on-line or is there a PDF version either now or soon to come?

Never mind: think I found the PDF on the Steinberg site.
Thank you.

Thanks for the update, Lillie. I can imagine what a lot of work this is for you and the team!

Glad you found it - basically updates will always be published as both online webhelp and a PDF, except in rare circumstances if there are technical issues with just one or the other :slight_smile:

You’re catching up!


Always greatly appreciated, Lillie. You have proven over and over what a valuable addition you’ve been to the team.

Btw Lillie I see today a new date Dorico_3.1.10_en-US_2020-08-03, but the same number of pages… :wink:

Perhaps Lillie and her team are just unbelievably efficient. :slight_smile:

Perhaps I made a few changes/corrections that didn’t impact the page count. Perhaps I changed some pictures that also did not impact the page count. The possibilities are endless.

Anyway a million of thanks Lillie :exclamation:

(Waiting for D3.5 docs full of hope!)