Version 8.0.10....WHEN???? Cause it is needed!!!!!

Hoping very much that someone from Steinberg can weigh in on this


When it’s ready.

The next release will fulfill all of your dreams.

That’s what I say to my wife…

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You mean 8.1,

8.0.10 is older than 8.0.50 to be exact :mrgreen:

thats interesting most of us paid 99 dollars for something that is supposed to be ‘ready’

a time frame is the least the could do right now after wasting so many peoples time

99 dollars is much less than 99 euros that people on a native Steinberg continent have to pay. I never got it why Americans have it cheaper, really, standard is higher there, but things are cheaper. Even European products are cheaper, which is a bit unfair imo. 99 euro actually equals to some 115 dollars atm. So imagine if you had to pay 115 dollars…

Agreed but if you live in the UK we had to pay even more £82 which equals $124 or 25% more than the USA customers,
back OT though, I would expect another update to be quite quickly released, but that’s just my opinion.

A Steinberg developer indicated on another forum that 8.0.10 is scheduled for end of February.

You are not comparing like for like as USA prices are always quoted pre tax.

In UK the pre VAT price I paid was £69 which is currently less than $105.
So it’s a much smaller difference than you think.

Where did you find 8.0.50? My copy says 8.0.5!

It was $CDN 120 for me. And just as useless. I Swore to wait for the .5 version, but I got suckered in by all the glowing early reports of massively decreased VST Performance. [emoji30]

A big part of the explanation is the European prices are presented including Sales Tax. U.S. prices are not.

Look at this way. You get the upgrade, plus your next doctor co-pay is covered. When I go to the doctor next week, Then we’ll be even. :mrgreen:

Seriously, all that “free” stuff, ain’t really free is it?

No Tomek…I mean 8.0.10…LOL

8 is disappointing. I work with a lot of people who use this software every day. Some have got no major issues, but most have problems that prevent using it. I’m still in 7.5.3 because there are just so many problems with 8 and 8.0.5. I’m so disappointed and annoyed with Steinberg. The people I work with are seeing this as a turning point, because v8 has a re-engineered engine that may never work properly with certain hardware. I hate to say that I’m inclined to agree. I don’t want workarounds and duck tape fixes in software. I want superbly engineered and crafted software that’s thoroughly tested with different hardware and imbued with that ethos in its very design. My colleagues are seriously considering moving their studios to Pro Tools as a result of the issues in 8. I don’t think Steinberg are on the ball on this. Very sad, and disappointing.

Then I think you’ll have to start your own software company. There is no way any software developer can test their software on every computer system out there before release. It’s just impossible!

Ever heard the expression “Out of the frying pan, into the fire”? ProTools is famous for falling on it’s nose every time Apple/Microsoft even think about releasing a system update. (I think Yosemite still is unsupported.)

Good luck with that. Caution: Being a former 100% PT user, you are in for a large outlay of and brain cells. for HD and for a aax plugin collection to match your vst collection. Brain cells for when you realize some common things are just so much easier in cubendo. If you, and your colleagues go to P.T., I wish you the best of luck.

Honestly, with all the rewriting under cubase’s hood, you really should have waited to jump on Przewalski’s horse until it was “broken” of its idiosyncrasies. Roll back for now and wait for 8.5. Hopefully by then things will be much more together for you.

There is no doubt when v7 and v8 were released the machine has some loose bolts. A lot was changed! Take it in stride, roll back or stay put on an earlier stable version. I would be in your shoes if I followed your walk. I wound up staying at 6.5 till things are tightened up. A bummer, but I’d rather be safe than sorry, happily working and not bothered by the issues many face being on he bleeding edge. I feel for you and the others that are hindered as development optimizes the code. You are much more brave than I.

Good luck, dman

Version 8.0.10…WHEN??? Cause it is needed!!!

A new version of Cubase is never “needed”, it’s just that you ‘want it’.

These complaints, along with threats happen with every new release since I’ve been involved with Cubase over the last 15 years. You have no one to blame but yourselves for jumping the on the upgrade bandwagon. Steinberg will never actually finish or follow through with any version to make it 100% stable on any given OS, ever…not as long as so many jump on new releases and line their pockets. They almost get there, then move on to a new version to sell you, for which schlitz hits the fan all over again. But if everyone stopped upgrading in protest, the likely reality is they’ll leave you flat in the end when the money machine stops.

By now, Cubase 7, when installed on Win 7 SHOULD be 110% stable with every configuration…and if not, the Steinberg team should still be working on that until it is stable… while you Cubase 8/Win 8 beta testers work out the new bugs.

There is a small number of us (mostly the personal home studio hobby people) who have stopped upgrading several versions ago, and we’re happy :slight_smile: I saw in another forum, where a guy was interested in building a new machine for his Cubase SX, and reinstall Win XP on it. The 1st reply he get’s is someone trying to talk him into Win 7/8, and with Cubase 8…which may force him into buying a new interface, then many of his 32 bit VSTi’s will need to be replaced/upgraded, etc, etc, etc. Fine if that what’s actually WANTED and ASKED for.

Hmmm…maybe I should buy Cubase 8 so I can pi$$ & moan here too :laughing:

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