version 8.3.20 - problems with crashing to the desktop and selecting any area with the mouse

Hello, in the last few months I began to notice the unstable work of version 8.3.20 (I have never seen such unstable work from Nuendo in 15 years). To try to eliminate hardware-related issues, I bought a new SSD and installed a clean W10 system with the latest updates. However, the problem remained.

Very often when playing a project with video (the format I have always used with the same codec and configuration (prores proxy)), although I’m not sure if this is related to video, I have no projects without video. Also, often when selecting any area with the mouse - an area is selected next to the one that I am currently selecting)

UPD I will add that I also associate frequent crashes to the desktop with recording automation - as soon as I make a recording, all the Automation Recording buttons (W) begin to flicker finely and after a while this leads to a crash