Version 8 Stablilty

Is anyone else having general stability issues with this new version compared to version 7 (Windows)? I am having it lock up quickly after loading a project and making a few edits, or after closing a project and loading a second without restarting Nuendo. Version 7 is very stable on the same system. I tried all of the usual things like trashing the user settings data, reinstalling, etc. It is really unusable in this state.


I just mixed a 25 minute short movie with about 45 tracks and it was generally stable. But I had a consistent crash with automation. I cannot exactly tell when this happens, but after some while when working with N8, and I would show all automation, work on it and then Hide All Automation, Nuendo would crash to desktop on my Mac in Sierra.

I haven’t had anyother type of crash. Only when opening or closing automation. I think this week there were about 7 or 8 crashes related to this. Otherwise it was a solid experience.

Chris, you are fortunately, kinda :slight_smile: If I load a project and just let it sit for a few minutes, it will lock up. Like I said, versions 7 is jut fine…

welcome to the club!
N8 is choking on my system too. Even with the default project with nothing in it.
every 20 to 30 seconds it freezes grafics and midi.
Had contact with dev team, they are aware of that problem. :-/

Rob, are you on Win 10? Seems like Mac and Win 10 contribute to issue while Win 7 is mostly (all?) good. Just checking on your OS which is not in your sig.

Yes, I am on win 10 pro, thanks!

Thanks Robbie, good to know that. For what it’s worth, Cubase 9.0.2 is also stable.

N8 is running extremely well for me on my Win 7 setup. But I am bothered that it’s not for others.

Can somebody on Win10 try this? Go to: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Nuendo 8\Components and change the suffix of videoengine.dll to and do the same with VideoCodec-Apple-ProRes.dll. as in You will of course change it back to .dll later, but try that and see if it makes a difference. Of course, you cannot play video, but it’s just changing one variable at a time to track the issue down.

Video engine is the biggest change between N7 and N8 so it seems a likely place to start. Add in that there are significant differences between the way Win 7 and Win 10 handle graphics.

Thank you for continuing this conversation.

So quick testing, loaded a project with 30 or so tracks and plugins, that also contained video tracks as well, but of course those would not to play because of the disabled dll’s. It did not crash on me during a quick bunch of editing and recording liker it had in the past, but I didn’t test very long. However, I close that project and tried to load another without restarting Nuendo and it did immediately crash, like it has been doing every time. That looks like memory allocation errors, but what do I know about that… Crash DMP logs are being created.

Since you asked: I had no stability issues when I was using N8 – it held up to big sessions and barely ever crashed or froze. Sorry some of you are having these issues…argh! I needs serious work in other ways, but stability was great for me. Hopefully you can get this resolved somehow. Not very helpful, I know.

Yes, that’s a very, very, very longstanding issue with Cubase and Nuendo, apparently. For me it only happens with larger projects, or after a bunch of smaller projects.

I feel your pain – it’s awful to experience, especially when clients are in the room waiting to hear multiple cues in different sessions.

I have Nuendo 8 -always- crashing after rendering some events in place, and undoing it…
Nuendo 7 does the job though…

I’ve tried to use N8 for serious jobs but the poor Offline Processing combined with RX, strange EuCon hiccups and these instabilities made me decide it has to wait for a proper release…N7 is what runs here…

Niek/ Amsterdam

For me N7 also crashes while rendering in place sometimes. So looks like a general bug somewhere not necessarily related to N8.

On my N8 I can only go forth with my Render “history”…I don’t know why but undoing a Render-In-Place (going back in my Render “history”), makes the application unresponsive…
On my N7 though, I can go back and forth as often as I like…

Niek/ Amsterdam

First time I’ve heard of it. Have other people reported the same thing in N7?

On my rig, I have a feeling that the unresponsiveness of N8 has got to do with EuCon…N8 sometimes also crashes “in the middle of nothing” just when deleting a track, and I can see it crashing just at the moment that my Euphonix MC Pro tries to react on the track-deletion…
Un-doing a Render-In-Place is also some kind of a “script” of track deletion and rebuilding the (EuCon-) session structure, so maybe there is some resemblance?! I don’t know, it’s only a feeling.

I know I’m fooling myself by trying to get N8 to work on my rig…at this stage unfortunately it’s useless…
Niek/ Amsterdam

Are you guys having issues with new projects or projects from version 7 or earlier?

both here

And here also on both…

I’m on Win 7 and having the same issues Rob is having…it looks a lot like a combination of Video hardware and the new video engine…
It’s the first time I have had serious issues (not usable professionally, not usable period) with a Nuendo release, which is a little disturbing, hoping they come up with a solution.