Version Confusion

HI new to the forums - be gentle please :wink:

I am confused about versions - I have Cubase 10.5 Element AI LE - which was bundled with my Yamaha synth.

How does that relate to the five versions on the comparison chart…?


My version seems to be a hybrid of the latter three…

Is AI an upgrade for me.

I’m confused - thanks for your help!


Hi and welcome,

Cubase Elements/LE/AI shares the same installer and executable. Just the license decides, which features will be available in the application for you. This is the reason, why do you see Cubase Elements/LE/AI as the application name.

As I mentioned already, important is the license. You can see the exact license in your MySteinberg account or in the eLCC application.

With Yamaha devices, Cubase AI has been always bundled.

Hi Martin

Thanks for clarifying - the way you explain it all makes sense.