Version history?

When you post updates to the app store, the description usually says:

“This supplemental update includes several improvements and fixes and is recommended for all Cubasis users. More information can be found at …” with a pointer to this forum (which I edited out because I can’t post links).

So I’ve come here looking for more information about the updates, but I can’t locate it. Where can I find it? (I’m looking for the one for Cubasis 2.) Thanks!

Hi @purchases2004,

Thank you for your message, and welcome to the Cubasis forum.
Normally we post the version history details in this forum.

Which particular update are you referring to?

Here is an example for the previous Cubasis 2.8.5 hotfix update, which resolves a dedicated iOS 14.4 issue, when using the Waves RT IAP with Cubasis 2.8.

Best wishes,