Version n. and year (or date) in Project Info

Hello all,

It would be nice to have two new files in the project (and flows) info page: a Version Number and Version Year (or Date). Clearly I would like to have also the corresponding new text tokens.

Best regards and happy new year

You may well know this already, but any field in Project Info can be “hijacked” to contain any information you want, and of course they all have their own tokens.
Version control is essential for my work, and that’s the way I do it.

This was requested just recently in another thread again. I also requested a few years ago some generic, user-definable fields, which I think would be smart too, because then they could cover anything anyone could come up with.

I know that, and currently I’m using Composer dates to do it. The issue is more related to the semantic of things.

This was requested just recently in another thread again.

I’ve searched for “Version Number + Project Info” but I was unable to find it. Any way, I agree with you that user-definable fields would the more flexible solution, but I also understand that this would require a different way of representing their corresponding text tokens to avoid possible clashes with possible future extensions of the Dorico ones.

The user defined fields could be named something generic, so not quite as useful, but wouldn’t conflict with the future. Something like myField1, myField2 or userString1, etc.