Version Numbers

Is there any way in Dorico to delineate version numbers? I would love to have my printed parts, score and file name/ number all line up. Does anyone have a workflow to accomplish this manually? I’m just getting my bearings working on much larger projects and want to keep everything crystal clear to myself.

What exactly do you have in mind? Dorico doesn’t maintain any kind of automatically incrementing version number for your project, but you could for example press the Other info field in File > Score Info into use for this purpose, and then include this on every page by adding a text frame to the page templates that uses the token {@projectOtherInfo@}. That way you would only need to update the value of Other info when you want to create a new version.

This is a decent workaround, thank you! Ideal for my workflow would be a dedicated score info field for version number that then corresponds to a file name ingredient option in the export name recipe.

I usually use the Publisher field in Project Info to add my own date stamp (yymmdd), the same date stamp I usually append to each revision’s file name.

I’ve added the Publisher info/date stamp token at the bottom right of each page template. It reminds me of the document code H.W. Gray used to put there in their publications, so for me the Project Info field is easy to remember.