Versioning in song titling/naming scheme


I have been racking my brain trying how to do versioning for my renders.

Right now my work around is that the file name of my Montage is: ALBUMTITLE v1 (or v2 or v3, etc).mon

From there the Naming Scheme is:
(Counter) - v/a CDTextTrackTitle v/a SrceName

So the ScrceName adds the ALBUMTITLE v1, etc to the end of the naming scheme.

Is there anyway to do a custom one that only uses that last two characters of the SrceName? (v1, or v2, etc)

Or is there a better way to version a naming scheme while rendering audio files in the montage?

Thanks all!

There are a few ways to do it. The Naming Scheme in WaveLab is GREAT but I don’t use it for file version naming because then I would have double, triple, or quadruple the number of Naming Scheme and/or Render Presets.

One for each option, and then multiplied by each one to add V2, V3, V4, etc. Too many. It’s almost as if WaveLab needs an additional Naming Scheme suffix to add on to the main Naming Scheme.

For now, I use an app called A Better Finder Rename which is useful for many other things too.

I’ve made presets in the A Better Finder Rename to add _V2, _V3, _V4 to the end of a file name and then if I simply right click on a file or files in Path Finder (alternate/better Mac Finder app), I can apply that preset right to the file names without opening another app. It’s super fast.

See attached.

I’ve found this to be the best and fastest option. I also have the V number in the folder name that the files live in but in some cases (especially during the approval process), it can be helpful to have the V number in the file name too.

Thanks Justin!

I think I posted something similar back on the FB forums and you mentioned this plugin… I’ll have to try it out…

I do think having this be an integrated WL feature would be nice for other mastering engineers.


Do you mean to be able to extract some part of the source name, to add it to the destination name (using a Naming Scheme)?

Yeah, I mean the V1, V2, V3 thing is possible with the naming scheme now but to add on the V# in addition to your desired main naming scheme means you’ll have 4x the number of naming schemes if you take the time to program it up to version 4 which in my opinion is too many.

We almost need a Naming Scheme #2 field to add something on to the main Naming Scheme.

For me, it takes about 2 seconds to right click the file name(s) and have A Better Finder Rename add it so I haven’t really searched for another solution as it’s not really been in my way.


I think this idea is worth considering, I have added it to my list.

Could it be just a little check box next to the Naming Scheme area so that we can use it without having to do too many clicks inside the Naming Scheme?

It could take the last two digits of the montage name so that _V2 or _V3 is added to the rendered file names automatically.

Wonderful! I’d love to see this in WL12!

Let me know if you ever need to pick my brain about this.

I am thinking about a new naming scheme element that would be called “filter”, and that would retain a range within the previous element. Like, “the first X characters” or the “last X characters”.

For example, if the previous element is “MyProject V2” and the filter’s range is “the last two characters”, then the naming scheme would retain “V2” and not “MyProject V2”.


If you could do a filter with exception such as “excluding V1” that would be great because I tend to not put V1 in the rendered file names because that is implied…but V2, or V3 can help differentiate.

I do have V1 in my montage name though so it would be good to have an exclusion option too so all my V1 renders don’t have V1 in the rendered file name.

So your idea is good but a exclusion of V1 would really be nice.

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I think that with the way different people do versioning, the “filter” concept could get complex.

Maybe you’ve thought of that. But, off the top of my head and ITT, you’ve got

  • v1, v2, v3 as the last 2 characters
  • v1_, v1, v2_, v2, … as the last 2-3 characters (JP’s sentinel for with plugins or printed)
  • R01, R02, … as the last 3 characters for AES spec.
  • 2-3 characters for versioning plus “final” and often “final-FINAL-ReallyFinal” for people who aren’t as…“obstinate” about naming as some of us.
  • ISO8601 datestamps (I use it because I’m a dork, but for project folders based on start date)

I’m not sure if this is actually a good idea or not…but it almost makes sense to me to have a second drop down to the right of “naming scheme” for versioning…that forces people to use a specific format.

That being said…I essentially just suggested this: xkcd: Standards

So…just throwing it out there. I think I might end up preferring doing it manually unless you, PG, come up with a completely automatic versioning convention that actually captures everything I personally want…which is basically Justin’s version with the sentinel at the end…but I don’t care whether it’s v#, V#, R##, etc…

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I think I could provide a way to define a range in a generic/flexible way, together with (editable) factory presets.
Like ISO8601 datestamp, First 3 characters, last 2 characters, etc.

Once a naming scheme is composed and saved, it can be reused and one can forget about the slight complexity of designing it.

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Right. Thanks to A Better Finder Rename, this hasn’t really been a pain point for me.

A bigger pain point or feature I’d be into is bulk Clip Replacement in the Montage. Something that can find new files that have _RX or [Instrumental] in the file name and replace them all at once instead of one by one.

Anyway, getting off topic. This would be a welcomed feature, it just wasn’t as high on my list as other things.

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I am 100% in to this. And would be more than happy to help out when it gets to beta.

I would also love this feature. I am doing more and more instrumentals with my masters. This would be a HUGE help. One or two clicks to replace 10 files would be spectacular.

Would it be possible to also perhaps have it to include a folder as well? (ie. /instrumentals/*
I’ve only had this happen once. So maybe it’s not a huge deal, but maybe others would find it useful?

Everyone has to use a system that works for them, but we use date codes instead of “V1”, etc. Makes it far, far easier to cross-reference between client emails, file timestamps. our project management system, etc.

Also prevents a lot of files like “V3 FINAL”, “V4 NO REALLY FINAL”, “V5 I SWEAR THIS IS FINAL” lol.

Interesting. I still prefer versioning…

That said, which date code do you use? And where in the file naming do you put it?

Our internal naming convention is:

  • client project name YYMMDD.mon

Each time we make revisions, we’ll Save As with the new date code. So a final project folder would look something like:

  • superchunk wild loneliness 221201.mon
  • superchunk wild loneliness 221203.mon
  • superchunk wild loneliness 221204 FINAL.mon

I love this idea. But what happens when you have two revisions on the same day?

Also yay Superchunk. I got to see them in Louisville in 1997. Magical. And sweaty.