Versioning in song titling/naming scheme

I’ll add a “b” to the end in that case, so “221208b”. Only happens once in a blue moon, of course!

And yes, Superchunk rules. I’ve been their tour manager since 2010, and have mastered a bunch of their more recent recently. They’re family.

That all makes sense!

And wonderful about Superchunk! I’ve been a huge fan for decades…

I trick wavelab, by renaming the audio folder, then when it searches for the missing audio for the montage, I point it to use the new audio in a different folder (folder named “v2 audio” for example), however for that to work is a little risky, as the filename needs to be the same (or it has to be selected one by one as you know)

saying that…its easy to revert back and forth and re-search just by renaming the parent audio folder(s) if I made a mistake and hasn’t ever really proved too troublesome and don’t really need the added feature as it does work well as long as I’ve nailed my folder structure workflow,

A solution in WaveLab would be nice but I’m still trying to picture a way that is faster and simpler than right clicking and adding _V2 with A Better Finder Rename.

The basic task of V2 or V3 isn’t hard with the current naming scheme but it gets complicated if you hav to combine that with other naming shames.

just re-reading this, I see you are in a montage, and rendering out via a montage

I don’t think its how you guys work so may not be useful

but could you not create what you need using the batch rename markers ? ie. add a “specific text” or add “Specific text” and a “counter” and/or “import and insert external data” to achieve what you need alongside your naming scheme before rendering out?

Way too much extra work. Plus, if the markers have extra stuff besides the song title in the name, that could affect CD-Text, metadata, and other things.

I guess it depends how you are setup with all the naming I guess,
if your workflow is reasonably repetitive the only work is to setup the batch renaming preset and make sure it works for your specific needs which then just becomes a button press later on

It seems like you could have different presets for a renaming thing and do them one after the other. But…that would make the menu a bit ridiculous.

IDK…I do find some of the renaming (and especially folder management things) a bit limiting.

I’m wondering if custom montage copies and moving versioning to folders might be a bit more fluid.

Not sure what you mean by “folder management”, but I would like to recall one feature of the Naming Scheme: you can instruct WaveLab to create folders through the naming scheme with the following option. IOW, you can program a folder name to create from the naming scheme dialog.


But, I don’t think that would help me. Mostly I was talking about a workflow very similar to Justin’s for SRC after the initial montage render. It looks like either WL or Windows can’t use .. as part of the output folder location for the Batch Processor (I don’t think it can use it for the naming scheme either).

What I end up with is a “Renders” folder with sample-rate specific subfolders. E.g., PSR-96k based on the project sample rate, and it has sub-folders like SRC-48k, SRC-44k1, etc…

It works. It just isn’t as pretty as I’d like.

I’d like to do the initial render to (e.g.) ...\Project Folder\Renders\PSR-96k\ (meaning it’s the project sample rate and 96k), and then be able to set the output folder of the Batch Processor to [source folder]\..\SRC-44k1\ for the 44.1kHz resampling template. The .. part doesn’t work for a relative destination.

Either way, I can use templates for the Batch Processor, drag files from the File Manger into it, and have it all happen automatically. The only problem is that WL won’t create the exact folder structure that I’d prefer. It’s really a minor issue and just comes from me being a pedantic dork.

This is great PG!

I’ve always manually created folders in the finder or in the LOCATION section… Not sure how I missed this folder separator! One less step I need to make now.

My only issue is that when I use the separator, I use the underscore (_) - And it adds that to the free text I use in the folder, so all my folders have _(folder name) in them. Is there a way to add a uncheck mark to “disallow” the separator for certain attributes? I have a work around for now… but would be nice to see this as a feature.


No, but that could be achieved with the “filter” idea I have mentioned earlier in this thread.

Definitely interested in the filter feature!