versions incompatible when trying to connect


Trying Connect SE for the first time today.

I’m on Mac Catalina Cubase 10.5 - performer is on Mac Mojave.

When trying to connect we get report ‘cannot connect - versions incompatible’

Downloaded the very latest 10.5 & performer available at Steinberg.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


download the latest versions from:

make sure you update both the studio AND the performer computer :slight_smile:

ok thank you! will try the link.
Latest versions not at Steinberg?

no - these are the latest

I’ve just about had it with VST Connect Pro. The connection process is the worst. The documentation for Performer is terrible. Getting a friend to connect to my Cubase 9.5 instance on my Mac never works if the friend is running Performer on Windows 10. We both have the latest versions, but connecting seems always fail with a stupid message that the version is incompatible. Steinberg, you need to make this simple and painless or we are all gonna drift to a platform that works better for remote sessions.

Let me know if you your want troubleshooting help.

Does the message say that versions are incompatible, or that you should take care that they are? The latter is mandatory for failing connections. Also let us know what exactly you do, and what you expect to happen. We connect hundreds of Cubase Mac with Performer Win all the time.

we did previously get report that versions were incompatible - but since both reinstalled version
4 0 4 41 215

we tried connecting via id method as outlined above but performer always requests to enter email and password - which he does & then it just repeats itself requesting email and password. Have checked email and password login into mysteinberg to prove it’s correct. incredibly frustrating.

Name one.

hi Mark

I assume you’ve seen this post ?

if the performer is being asked for email and password it’s almost certainly because they haven’t pressed the ID button

I’ll name a few if you like ? - this seems to pretty much the standard ISDN replacement


or the free

or even

are these the same as VST connect ? - NO - but they do work pretty well - especially source connect. That’s what many (most !) seem to have drifted towards


maybe the installation failed? Have you checked the version number? Open the Performer or the Plug-In and click to the logo (lower-right corner).

Thank you,

To add to the list:-

This one is close to VSTConnect (SE) - with a recurring cost… :wink:

EDIT:- Found one other similar tool ‘Listento’ plugin and receiver app - how to record a stream with Cubase 10.5

‘AnyDesk’ for remote screen-sharing and Audiomovers ‘Listento’ for the audio stream, using Cubase, in action

A friend was using that last week to do a TV voiceover - he has zero technical skills (sorry!) and found it totally straightforward

Thank you - will give this a go.