Vertical alignment and plain text

I’ve recently imported a long, multi-flow renaissance choral work into Dorico via xml which includes a literal translation below each system -not to be confused with Dorico’s lyric translation style.
Dorico seems to assign this text to particular staves and the resultant vertical alignment of the system has a larger than normal gap between the bottom two staves (Tenor II and Bass). I have been manually moving each rogue system back to its proper location as resetting the vertical alignment only recreates the problem. Is there a way to filter the text and re-define it to something that doesn’t interact with the system or a way to adjust the vertical alignment taking into account the influencing text?

You can filter-select the text (or use Select More, which will only select the text items on that staff) and remove collision avoidance in Engrave mode. Doing so will automatically reset the vertical positioning of the staves.

As tedious as it would be, I wonder if it would be best to re-enter this text as lyrics-translation. Leaving it as a text item may come back to haunt you.

I haven’t tried collision avoidance yet which I will try. Notwithstanding, I think you may have misunderstood my description of the ‘translation’. I mean an unformatted line of text under the bottom system which is the literal translation of the Latin lyrics that are correctly underlaying each voice part.

A kind of footnote feature would come in handy here, but that doesn’t exist (yet). I think it’s easiest to do with a separate text frame, which you might also include in a master page if it’s common to many pages in the project.