Vertical and Horizontal lines not imported

I wanted to import a flow into a new document, as I was having a bug with the old project (already posted here).

When importing, all the vertical and horizontal lines were either not imported or not visibly imported (some of the horizontal lines I could actually select, but they had no width).

Is this a known issue?

No, it’s not a known issue, but it isn’t necessarily surprising. I’ll look into this.

In fact I find that this works as I would expect. Could you please provide an example to help me pinpoint the problem?

I will post again the project.
Even after rebooting Dorico, the bug exists with me.
You know the project already :wink: It seems with this, I have a strain of bad luck.

So this is the original file:

Notice the lines after the repeat, the small arrows over the staff, as well as the fake Arpeggio lines.

They are all missing here, a new project in which I tried to import its flows:

Attached also the cursed project.

It also happens with the project I imported this file into, and where I added new lines. (635 KB)

Thanks, with your project I’m able to reproduce the problem. We’ll take care of it.