Vertical Arrange Track? Collapsible Loop Markers?

I am editing a podcast and trying to get a certain timing. I am wondering if there is a way to do the following: Select a vertical section of the entire project and “hide it” while also adding a marker there. Kind of like a temporary delete. Then, if I decide I want to add the section again, I can double click the marker and the section is inserted again. This would help me decide what parts I am able to edit out while still being able to bring back any section at will. Does this make sense? If there is workflow to do this already, please let me know. Thank you!

No, there’s nothing like that.

However if you invert the Locators that you use to Loop so the Left Marker is to the right of the Right Marker that will skip over that portion of the Timeline on Playback.


Actually, if you have Cubase Pro, there’s something called the Arranger Track, which may help with what you’re looking for:


Thank you for the replies. Arranger track is great, but not for my needs as I need to see the sections at the top, not in a different window, as I need to reference the names. Also, the “skip loop” function is what I am looking for, but that only works between locators. I am looking to skip multiple sections. In short I am looking for a new type of marker track one that would:

  1. Create a loop or arrange track-type marker that you could name.
  2. When you double click on it, the section is hidden (and not played), and the marker turns into a normal marker to signal that the section exists but will not play. Double clicking on it again would reveal the section and it would play in the project.
  3. I could also move the marker anywhere on my time line and the section is moved to that location as well (kind of like select/click/drag in a word processor).

I’ve only recently started editing podcasts and thought of this workflow as we are constantly trying to decide what stays and what to delete/move around. Wonder if this would be helpful to anyone else. When I think about it, it is halfway between DAW NLE and Destript app. :slight_smile: