Vertical bracket with text for incipit

Is there a chance that this is somewhere on one of the Dorico burners?

It would be nice to be able to place a bracket outside the instrument names under certain circumstances. For example, in this image to indicate that there are 3 percussion players.

I had to fake this by attaching a vertical line to some notes then dragging it off to the far left and resizing it.

Unfortunately, I have another score where I need this, but the percussion don’t play until page 5, so while there are three empty staves there are no notes to which I can attach the vertical line. But I still have to indicate on the very first page of the score “3 players”.

I only need this on the very first page of the orchestral score, not on all pages (since the individual instruments’ names already appear there.)

Am I missing a Dorico feature I never came across? Or is this something that for the time being can’t be easily done?

Hi @Michel_Edward

You can use Groups in the Setup mode (select the desired instruments and click the Add group icon, and rename the group double clicking on it) (1) , and then activate Show Player Groups Names in Layout options (2), and edit eventually the global settings (3).

I don’t think there is an option to only let appear this only at the beginning thought…(you can hide all the labels in the properties of breaks, in engrave mode (4)…, but maybe is not what you want…)



You can change the global settings for the Group label: