Vertical distance between ossia and previous system

Dorico uses the full inter-system gap between first system and the ossia of the second one. For me the gap looks way to big, how can I reduce it? The only way I know is to drag every system manually upwards in engrave mode (except the first one). Or is there a better solution which I did not find out until now?

Not a different solution, but keyboard shortcuts will make quicker work of this than the mouse, for sure. Arrows, Alt arrows, and Ctrl-Alt (or Cmd-Alt) arrows. You can adjust the entire in a matter of seconds.

Thank you Dan, ich suspected that, but I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss anything. What I do not understand at that point: I can push all subsequent systems together by dragging one down with the option key, but it won’t let me pull them apart all together by dragging the first on up with the option key. In that case only the dragged one moves up.

“Concertina” dragging does indeed only work in one direction at the moment. We would like to provide some additional tools for manual justification of staves and systems in a future version.

Thank you Daniel, there is always a good reason to look forward to a new version :slight_smile: