Vertical justification

Can the system justification of the start page and the end page be configured individually?

By default the space is very large, and when you set the option to justify to 90% there is a lot of space at the end of both pages.

I would like that the adjustment on the first page would not be so separated the systems from each other but there is not so much space at the end. Ideally, the first page should contain 5 systems

It’s much easier to force 5 systems onto the first page. Add a frame break at the beginning, then at the start of the sixth system, then set the property for the first frame break to “wait for next frame break.”

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I would try changing the Note Spacing to make it fit 3 pages. Try 3.5 or even 3.25, either in Layout Options, or as a Note Spacing Change, if other flows need different values.

Alternatively, reduce the Staff Size slightly.

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Also (for spacing purposes): Do you really need the instrument labels???


In addition to increasing the threshold for vertical justification, you can try adjusting the other settings, namely the inter-system gap – when pages aren’t justified, the Ideal Gaps in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing get used “absolutely”.

Or, adjust the size of music frames, so that the space available for systems to fill corresponds to where you want the systems to go.

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Thank you very much for your suggestions I will try from the desktop pro version, is the above suggested possible on the iPad version?

From where can I hide them?

Layout Options / Staves and Systems / Staff Labels

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Layout Options are available on the iPad. Frame editing is not.

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