Vertical layout in 4 part compositions

Dear Forum,
I have a 4 part composition here, where the note heads don´t align vertically using different voices for each part of course.

THX for help here!

Edit: Pic & prj added
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-16 um 19.40.23dor_frm.dorico (467.6 KB)

Hi BX, could you post the project that you’re working on? Or at least a screenshot. That’ll make it easier for you to get more precise advice.

Sure, I expermented for some time, using different voice combinations. At least I would strive rather for shortened note stems than loosing perfect vertical layout, regarding the last two chords of the shown bar.


Dorico is calculating a good result that both clearly separates the voices and remains legible. If you want to override this, you can use the Voice column index property available in Engrave mode when notes are selected. You might need to nudge beams around as well.