vertical line in the project

Can we change the width of the vertical line ( the one acroos the whole screen and moving when cubase play)
In cubase 7 it’s a double line and before it was a single line more accurate and with better visibility.

Can we do somrthing
best regards

Yes, and as always with such general settings, it’ s done in the preferences.

Thanks for your answer but I don’t see where I can adjust this vertical line?
Can you help me

Preference/Transport/cursor width
from 1 to 4 but allways “double”

Yep, most of us would like to have the old cursor back.

Many threads and posts about this.
Nothing from Steinberg, so far …


+1 for the ‘old’ cursor/playhead line back please

+1 here, too.

Yes, you can change the width in the Preferences ‘Transport’ page (‘Cursor width’ parameter) and that’s all you can do about it. What appears to you as ‘double’ is actually a white mask added on each side of the cursor I don’t know why since 6.5 and which can"t be removed. Makes it indeed appears as a blurry and unusable double line : one of the main reasons why I am not using C7…

Who on earth had the idea of adding such a nuisance without giving us, at least, the ability to deactivate it ? :confused: