Vertical line position

I see that there are lots of engraving options for horizontal lines - but none for vertical lines (unless I don’t know where to look).
I would love to be able to set the default distance of a vertical line from the following note/accidental.
I thought that the Column toggle switch might do it - but no.
Is there a way to do this or might it be in the next update?

There are indeed no dedicated engraving options for vertical lines at the moment, except for the gap to the right of the line, which you can find on the Spacing Gaps page of Engraving Options.

Perfect! I hadn’t realised that spacing gaps would work for the new vertical lines.
Thanks Daniel - just what I wanted.

I guess my question is related to this. I want to have a Cello divisi on one staff, each part playing a double stop. I needed vertical brackets for this, or as labeled in Dorico, two instances of “solid vertical line with right-pointing hooks.” No problem inserting them, and I used the Properties panel to adjust the vertical positioning. But I find no way to adjust horizontal positioning so that they are vertically aligned. I tried the “column” Properties feature, but can’t get them vertically aligned – if one moves left, the other moves right. I can use Engrave mode to move the leftmost one to the right, but the empty space remains, as if I hadn’t moved it. Have I missed something?
Div (401 KB)

At the moment Dorico won’t allow two lines to occupy the same column, even if you try to force that via Properties. We should probably allow this, so I’ve made a note for us to look at it in future. In the meantime, hopefully you will not find the necessity to position one of the lines manually in Engrave mode too arduous.

Thank you, Daniel. As I said, repositioning one of the lines is easy enough, but the “empty” column remains. Is there any way to close up the resultant horizontal space?

The Note Spacing submode of Engrave mode is useful for this.

Thank you, Leo. I did try that function briefly, without really knowing anything detailed about it, and in my ignorance got nowhere. Knowing that it helps in this situation, I’ll turn to the manual and educate myself further.

Click the square handle to the right of wherever the unnecessary gap is, then type Opt-Left arrow, or Cmd-Opt-Left arrow for bigger distances. In my experience generally one Cmd-Opt-Left does it for the default gap left by an arrow.

(You can’t move note spacing or staff spacing handles by dragging with the mouse, only using the “moving” key commands. That’s the only real trick to it! That and the fact you can select multiple handles and move them all at once, which can be useful to move a bunch of places by the same amount)

That took care of it instantly! (I found, by the way, that I needed 3 Cmd-Opt-Lefts for this.) Hearty thanks to Leo and Lillie; this is such a great community. I might have fumbled around quite a while looking for the right tool.