Vertical line with lower hook

Is there a way to make a new vertical line with a bottom hook that is frequently used in guitar music?
I know it’s possible to make one as I have done here but it means having to change the end caps every time (apart from alt-clicking from elsewhere of course).
I couldn’t find a way to create a new one - as one can do with playing techniques.
Bottom hook.png

The Lines Editor is coming but not just yet…

with starting or ending text as a possibility ?
I was surprised to see that it’s not included with the actual design…
We have middle position text but not starting/ending…
I’m not sure I want to “design” a special line just because it should start with some text.

any infos ?

Although you cannot have text at the start or end of a line at the moment, it’s cetainly easy enough to have a line with a hook at the bottom: simply start with the one that has the hook at the top, and set the ‘Reverse’ property.

In the fullness of time we plan to provide dedicated features for these kinds of guitar position indicators, but it will also be possible to create them using the lines tool once the editor that allows you to define your own line caps is available. That will also be in a future version, not in Dorico 3.1.x.

Thanks, everyone - and, yes, Daniel, ‘Reverse’ is certainly easier than playing around with the end caps!