Vertical line with normal text orientation?

I’m just diving into the new Dorico 3.1 — thank you, Daniel and the rest of the team, for these awesome improvements.

Is there any way to have a vertical line, but have unrotated text? I’d request that as a future enhancement if I’ve missed it. There are plenty of cases where vertically-rotated text is a little bit too conspicuous, but it would be super useful to have normal text to the left, right, or centered on the line.


At the moment text will always follow the direction of the line body. I’ll discuss with András what it might take to add further options for the orientation of the text on vertical lines.

Until the Team decides it is time for horizontal text to accompany a vertical line, could one not use standard Shift+X text to accompany the vertical line if that is what is wanted? That would give flexibility as to where the text can be placed.

Thanks Daniel — Yes, Derrek, obviously that’s what I’ve done in the meantime.

But it also seems that the “Erase background” property for Shift-X text doesn’t erase lines. So there is no great way to make a big two-staff bracket line with text in the middle, other than a line on each staff and then manually adjusting its horizontal position to align. Unless I’m missing something there, too.

No, the erasure around text will only erase things that are in the “background”, which is basically only staff and barlines.

Is it something like this you’re trying to achieve?

I made it by inputing a few spaces to the text property of the vertical line to get rid of the background, and then using a normal text object for the actual text.

Andgle, thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for — makes perfect sense. Thanks!

+1 from me for having that functionality in the next version. This is really useful in organ music, although I can make due in the meantime.

+1 me too