Vertical lines move between score and part

HI, I have made lots of faux grace note groupings out of 16ths. It was relatively easy in the score but none of them translated to the part and I have been re-doing them all 1 by 1. Is there a way to lock the lines in place?

Oh I forgot to add, I had hidden all the brackets and numbers for the triplets and they are all appearing in the parts.


I’m not following. How exactly did you add them?

Here are 2 screen shots, the score with the lines where I placed them, and the part where they are very small next to the note head. I entered them as a second voice, I hid the numbers and brackets. It works in the score but not in the part.

You need to propagate those properties to the other layout. Select that entire figure in the score, and Edit—Propagate Properties.

I tried selecting just the note groupings, and then I selected the entire measure, and nether changed the part to the correct spacing.

Are you aware of the local/global setting in the properties panel (since 8.5.10 I think), which has to be set before you tweak the properties? Or the ol’ “propagate properties” function?

No! I have to select what exactly? Thanks

Here’s information about the Properties panel, and how to change the property scope.

Here’s info about the difference between local/global properties.

And for propagating properties, see here.

Thanks I will delve into this.