Vertical lines on Midi Track

Hi Folks,

These lines have started to appear on some parts of my midi track and in this example one is EZD the other is HSSE ?
Anyone tell me what causes this anomoly as I’m relatively new to cubase. I normally try and suss things out myself but in this case I’m beat !

They are controller data, and as always - you guess it, it´s a setting preferences, if they are shownb or not

TC yer a star !!!.(and apparently i’m as thick as…)
I reckon another 10 years and I might have the basics of this Cubase under my hat :laughing:

Cheers TC.

… and if you want to see what that controller data actually was, the quickest way is to open the MIDI Part in the List Editor (and, I have a strong suspicion it was probably aftertouch from your keyboard :wink: )

Cheers Vic…It’s After touch !

How do I prevent that in future then ?

Use a keyboard without aftertouch…

:laughing: :laughing: Good answer - Where’s me Screwdriver set !

… or don’t play anything at al! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, you can filter out aftertouch, (or any other CC# dater, for that matter), once again in Preferences>MIDI>MIDI Filter.

:laughing: Yep I’ve done it…I was just havin’ a bit o’ fun

Thanks again.

I’ve filtered the aftertouch, but realize that I while I don’t need it for most of my Orchestral instruments, some of my synths respond to it. Is there a way to filter aftertouch on a track by track basis?


[Edit] Never Mind, Found it: Go to Track, in the inspector click the squiggly arrow (input transformer) Select it to filter Aftertouch (global) and you’re set.