Vertical Mixconsole idea?

What would it be like if you had a mixconsole-like window on the left side of the screen, rotated by 90° from top to bottom (where the inspector is now), in line with the tracks in the project window, instead of having it horizontally as it is now?
So if you scroll down the project window, the mixconsole scrolls down too and it could be an even more intuitive approach to the “all in one-window” system modern DAWs try to achieve?

Let me explain:

I mostly have a lot of tracks in my projects and therefore working with the mixconsole can be distracting if you have to scroll around in 2 different windows when mixing. And even more so if both windows work in different directions (horizontally vs vertically), it just does not seem that “intuitive”. The inspector is already fine, but the thing is you first have to select each track you want to change.
Don’t get me wrong, it already works fine as it is now, but I think there could be an even better solution.
Imagine just scrolling down the project window and be able to set volume/pan/polarity/whatever “on the go” and having everything in line, without clicking around to open new windows and stuff like these.

Would be interested in your thoughts!


I would recommend to post this into the Feature Request forum.

I would be jus wondering, what you would like to show in this Inspector? Just a fader? Or also a panner? Insert slots (how?), Sends, Channel Strip? Then it becomes quite space expensive.

Hi All

Not a bad suggestion this, there is a sequencer that operates a bit like this, can’t remember what it’s called . It’s always been done the way it has because that’s the way hardware mixers are I guess, but I see no reason why the mixer shouldn’t be vertical. Don’t think it’ll change in a hurry though, All works fine for me as it is though😀

Best Regards, Dave

You already have it in the track view. I think DaveAbbott is referring Traction. Why not have a horizontal track view, turning the view 90 degrees? I like it as it is, though.

there are similar FR, not a full mixer with faders,but more like protools approach. to be able to view all inserts,sends and panning on every track on the projects window and also volume as a little fader or numeric volume value representation.
i guess your idea can work on wide screens

I copied this post in the feature requests subforum with new ideas, lets discuss over there:

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