Vertical Mouse Zoom, as u can with horizontal

Can you please, include Vertical zoom with the mouse, as when you have it horizontally, The use of Buttons constantly is running my experience so much I want to switch daws. But I really love cubase, and I hope in the next update this is put in. I have looked at videos of other daws because of this and within logic and studio one its so smooth and graphics look so nice when you zoom in and out. I have talked to many people on FB and Reddit forums about this. And so many people switched daws because they can’t deal with this and with the super small zooming option sliders. I cant click all the time shift plus g and h, its just so clunky and clumsy and its like just ruins it for me. Im not complaining I am just saying it as someone who really likes this daw, and am saving up for the pro version, but I am having second thoughts about this. Many people I have talked to have said that Steinberg doesn’t listen to their Customers, and that this feature has been requested for years, and nothing has happened. Is this true? They have said that since there are so many people using it for years, cubase doesn’t want to innovate and change because of the current existing customers. Anyways, I enjoy the daw a lot, but having many tracks wanting to fiddle arrange and change things, I lose so much time and frustration. Because it is difficult to get to places on the screen because of the zooming options, and it just ruins it for me. These are so simple things that ruin it for me. I have always felt Cubase is a the most featured daws with insane midi control and options it dwarfs other daws, and I still believe this. And I love it so much that I needed to write u a email. This is the only thing that I wish. Better sliders when zooming in, and vertical zoom where its super smooth and beautifull. Its like having an Lamborghini car and the wheel is not working cuz I cant get to other places, and no matter if I have all the features I cant get to the designation. And can you pass this forward to the Development team. Thank you very much.

Sorry, couldn’t read this wall of text. Please use some paragraphs.

In what regards Could you not read it?
Are you affiliated with Steinberg or just a user on this page?

I agree, Cubase should have vertical zoom via mousewheel+modifier-key, like many other timeline-based applications do.

Meanwhile, my workaround is to assign a keyboard shortcut to “Zoom-Tracks-Full”. Select tracks I want to see and hit “Z”. Does that help? Or you can use shift-G and shift-H fort vertical zoom.

If you have a mouse with extra buttons (eg. my Logitech performance MX has forward/backward buttons), you could program them to do these keystrokes?