Vertical placement of rehearsal marks (and chords)?

I’ve noticed that rehearsal marks and chord symbols can be move horizontally but not (it seems) vertically. Since rehearsal marks, in particular, typically are placed well above other staff features, this can limit adjustments of staff spacings in tight situations. A work-around could be to enter some rehearsal marks as ordinary text, but I don’t see a “boxed text” option.


You can move those objects “globally”, using the different options offered by notation options and engraving options (shift-ctrl-N and shif-ctrl-E). There is no “boxed text” option until further notice. The only way to have boxed text is to add a text frame (in Engrave mode) with a visible frame.

Thanks, Marc. Ctrl-shift-E (Engrave options) did allow me to change the default rehearsal mark minimum vertical displacement. Then in Engrave mode I had no trouble moving the troublesome mark downward, and I then also noticed that a new entry (Start offset) appeared in the Rehearsal Marks properties box, allowing me to change the default there, if desired (it wasn’t there originally). I can’t deny the logic, but many of these capabilities aren’t yet obvious to me…I’m learning slowly, thanks to this forum. Might I suggest that in the future the appropriate properties boxes show all possible changes when an item is highlighted in Engrave?

Thanks, again.


The key thing about the Properties panel is that it will only show the properties that all of the selected items have in common. If you select, say, both a chord symbol and a rehearsal mark, you’ll only see the properties they have in common, which is basically none (just the ones in the ‘Common’ group). You can happily select more than one item, of course, but if you want to edit properties, make sure you only have one kind of item selected.