vertical position of dynamics in lyrics after xml import

Hi, I imported a xml file (from Finale) with a vocal score. This functions really excellent. But all the dynamics are now in Dorico below the staves. How can I move all the dynamics in vertical position above the staves?

Thanks, Wolfgang

Dynamics will go above the staff automatically if the instrument being used by the player is considered by Dorico to be a vocal instrument: I guess something about the instrument names in the MusicXML file (presumably they were not in English, which Dorico incorrectly relies upon at the moment) caused the wrong instruments to be chosen.

Fortunately this is easy to fix: go to Setup mode, expand each player’s card, hover over the instrument’s name, and click to open the context menu, from where you can choose Change Instrument, and change the instrument to the appropriate voice instrument. All of the dynamics should then jump up above the staff, out of the way of the lyrics.

Hm, I have the same problem (sometimes I prefer to write in StaffPad and then do layout and details in Dorico), but unfortunately just selecting a voice-instrument as described does not seem to fix it… is there any possibility to get these dynamics up? Even copying everything to a new (vocal) player’s staff does not do the trick (using version…

Have you tried to reset position (edit menu) after the import? It used to be compulsory in older versions, maybe it still helps.

Can you attach a project that exhibits the problem, Waldbaer?