Vertical position of lines


I have created several lines (arrows) below the staff.
Is there a way to set them vertical on the same position ?

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This is what engrave mode is for. You’ll have to line them up manually, I’m afraid.

Alternatively, if you use playing techniques with duration that show continuation lines, you can group them together and that aligns them automatically. (But that does show playing techniques as well of course)

Hi Lillie
Thank’s a lot
I tried it out , but I don’t know how to creat an arrow .
I have created an arrow but only for one note, and note for a few notes

Sorry I could have been a bit more detailed - it might not be the best solution in your case, but it’s worth being aware of: you can group multiple playing techniques together and Dorico then shows continuation lines between the playing techniques (rather than designing a playing technique that contains an arrow glyph).

Hi Lillie

Many thank’s
It works fine